Wafer Plating

Application : Semiconductor Wafer Bumping RDL/UBM Process

Cu Plating Process

Cu Plating Equipment Composition

Wafer Cu Plating Equipment 3D Design

– Composition: Plating/Rinse Bath, Control, Wafer Load/Unload.

— Main Features of Plating Equipment

High-speed Thick RDL Plating up to 1.5 -> 3ASD
Automatic continuous plating of 6 wafers /1 time. (Loading : Manual)
Plating of small quantity multi-variety. (Simultaneous application of recipe to 1~6 products)
Manufacturing of plating solution-saving batch structure
Jig production and repair available in Korea
Domestic production, domestic/overseas setup, quick A/S

TETOS Plating Equipment Advantage

Secure the quality equal to that of existing Cu plating companies based on FPCB Cu deposition/plating experience.
In particular, excellent Cpk management even under the thick Cu RLD plating condition with regard to Power Device.
Customized equipment design and manufacture according to customer requirements as well as setup of plating conditions in connection with plating solution companies.

Other Services

  • R to R Plating

    R to R Plating — Electrolytic and chemical reactions to the film surface in a plating solution — Plating of Laser Hall

  • Screening/Radiator Film

    Screening/Radiator Film — Shielding/heat radiation film deposition — Replace traditional plating with sputtering. Gain quality and price competitiveness by diversifying and simplifying