Glass side wiring for display

Simultaneous metal deposition on 3 sides of display board (side wiring technology)

— Product Application

ㆍSubstrate side wiring TV


Simultaneous metal low temperature deposition technology for 3 sides of display substrate
(3D low temperature deposition method & equipment)

— Advantages and Differences

Low temperature 3D deposition other companies 150~200℃ / TETOS 90℃
Excellent 3D wiring adhesion 60/60㎛ Pitch, 5B (ASTM D3359)
Semiconductor IC Metal deposition performance – EMI shielding performance : Ag-Spray 70dB↓/ TETOS 75dB↑
– Top surface vs. Side deposition comparison : other companies 45%↓/ TETOS 60%

— Applications and Features

Applied to display products using three-sided substrate deposition – Possible to realize boards of various sizes / thickness
– Excellent deposited film uniformity (tolerance ≤ 5%)
– Excellent electrical conductivity through high purity metal deposition
Applied to EMI shield product using chip 5-side deposition – 3 Layer Metal Application (Sus / Cu / Sus)
– Various metal types and thicknesses can be applied
– High electromagnetic shielding possible (75dB ↑)

— OLED vs. Micro LED Display

Other Services

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