Product Archive

  • Glass side wiring for display

    Simultaneous metal deposition on 3 sides of display board (side wiring technology) — Product Application ㆍSubstrate side wiring TV ㆍSubstrate/Ball/Deposition Simultaneous metal

  • R to R Sputter

    R to R Sputter — Equipment to attract metallic/non metallic objects into film surfaces in vacuum chambers — Performance is given to

  • EMI Shield Sputter

    Basic Configuration of Sputter (1Chamber) — Sputtering Chamber + Carrier L/UL(Vacuum/Standby) + Baking Chamber + Cassette L/UL 01. Cassette L/UL02. Carrier L/UL

  • R to R Plating

    R to R Plating — Electrolytic and chemical reactions to the film surface in a plating solution — Plating of Laser Hall

  • Wafer Plating

    Application : Semiconductor Wafer Bumping RDL/UBM Process Cu Plating Process Cu Plating Equipment Composition Wafer Cu Plating Equipment 3D Design – Composition:

  • Screening/Radiator Film

    Screening/Radiator Film — Shielding/heat radiation film deposition — Replace traditional plating with sputtering. Gain quality and price competitiveness by diversifying and simplifying

  • Plastic Cored Solder Ball

    Plastic Cored Solder Ball — Solder ball for semiconductor packaging(Plastic Cored Solder Ball) — Compared to competitors’ multi-layered plated films, manufacturing method