R to R Plating

R to R Plating

Electrolytic and chemical reactions to the film surface in a plating solution
Plating of Laser Hall (PTH) in FPCB-circuit
Spacial Layer Plating of FCCL
Circuit diagram of touch panel
Uniform sheet metal thickness control (0.15 μm ~ 200 μm ± 10%)
Control of plated film quality (green size, Roughness, etc.)
Plating can be done on both sides

Other Services

  • R to R Sputter

    R to R Sputter — Equipment to attract metallic/non metallic objects into film surfaces in vacuum chambers — Performance is given to

  • Glass side wiring for display

    Simultaneous metal deposition on 3 sides of display board (side wiring technology) — Product Application ㆍSubstrate side wiring TV ㆍSubstrate/Ball/Deposition Simultaneous metal