EMI Shield Sputter

Basic Configuration of Sputter (1Chamber)

— Sputtering Chamber + Carrier L/UL(Vacuum/Standby) + Baking Chamber + Cassette L/UL

01. Cassette L/UL
02. Carrier L/UL Robot
03. Baking Chamber
04. Carrier L/UL Vacuum Robot
05. High Vacuum Pump
06. Carrier Mounted Rotation Jig
07. Sputtering maintenance UT/Door
08. Sputtering Chamber
09. Medium Vacuum Pump/Chiller

Comparison of Batch Rotation Sputtering Process

ㆍExisting Inline / Cluster Type

Multi Chamber Sputtering (3~5Chamber)

Since deposition thickness is thinner on the side than on the top of the chip and the deposition thickness becomes thick on the film side,
deposition film peeling-off or burr occur on the PKG corner parts in Pick * Place process.

TETOS Two-way Rotation Deposition Type

1 Chamber Rotation Sputtering

– Angle of 5~ 30˚ is generated during deposition with two-way rotation of
Carrier, which is advantageous for Package side
– Deposition thickness on the Top and the side is relatively uniform.
– Less falling of Corner deposition or less adhesion of deposition film.
– Short cleaning time and target replacement time with 1 chamber

Package EMI Shielding TEST Result

ㆍFIB Image of Other Companies(x10,000)

TETOS FIB Image(x10,000)

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