R to R Sputter

R to R Sputter

Equipment to attract metallic/non metallic objects into film surfaces in vacuum chambers
Performance is given to conductors, insulation, radiator, and electron absorption, depending on the deposition material
Used for ultra-fast manufacturing (thickness 0.001μm to 100 μm)
Low deviation from the vapour thickness enables high reliability
Can form flexible metal layers
ECO Green Deposition Method
ㆍVacuum chamber

ㆍ Touch panel electrode

ㆍCOF circuit

ㆍNFC antenna

ㆍElectromagnetic masking film

Other Services

  • EMI Shield Sputter

    Basic Configuration of Sputter (1Chamber) — Sputtering Chamber + Carrier L/UL(Vacuum/Standby) + Baking Chamber + Cassette L/UL 01. Cassette L/UL02. Carrier L/UL

  • Wafer Plating

    Application : Semiconductor Wafer Bumping RDL/UBM Process Cu Plating Process Cu Plating Equipment Composition Wafer Cu Plating Equipment 3D Design – Composition: